FESTIVALS - Etnofest in Serbia, 19th until 21st of June

This Friday (19th June) the 12th edition of the Etnofest world music festival at Lake Palić (Serbia) is open its doors for three days of music from the region to Venezuela or Morocco.

Dejan Vujinovic, program and marketing manager of Etnofest states:

"Year by year, the program has been shaped around the core idea of developing the intercultural dialogue, using music as a perfect media to deliver the message. This year it will be the artists from 11 countries who will shake the party and present their vision of the music surrounding us: from vocal Balkan tradition spiced with some rocky guitar riffs, all the way to the traditional Bikutsi music of central Cameroon, back through Moroccan deserts and hypnotic Gnawa sounds, landing in the end again in the Central Europe and finishing with the fusion of roots with contemporary improvisation..."

article posted by:Paul Bräuer, Piranha Arts