First Programme Announcement: Showcase and Closing Artists

Spark - The Classical Band by Gregor Hohenberg

As January rolls on, it’s time for us to announce our Classical:NEXT 2019 Showcase and Closing artists. 10 confirmed acts from 9 different countries all over the globe will be taking to the C:N Showcase stage 15 - 17 May to present their innovative, forward-thinking, NEXT projects.

The daytime and evening showcases are the perfect opportunity for delegates to discover new talents and become inspired by the creative approaches towards classical music the showcase acts take. Ranging from guitar and clarinet quartets to ensembles playing self-built instruments, there is a wide variety of different and exciting new ideas to check out.

In addition to the daytime and evening showcases, we are also thrilled to reveal Spark – The Classical Band as our Closing Showcase artist. Through reinventing familiar pieces and presenting them in a new light, the German quintet makes classical music accessible to a younger audience. Their sonic experimentation, achieved with the help of a large arsenal of different instruments, represents a shift in what it means to be a young, classical musician and the way we approach classical tradition. Make sure to catch them closing Classical:NEXT 2019 on Saturday, 18 May.

article posted by:Elisabeth Rohleder, Piranha Arts