Lights, Camera, Action! Introducing WOMEX 23 Film Programme

WOMEX 24 Film Programme

After announcing a significant part of the WOMEX 23 programme in the past weeks, we are very excited to share the complete Film programme for 2023.

This year's Film programme presents innovative and relevant ideas to promote a rich dialogue with the world of music. It delves into the creative minds behind the sounds, explores their artistic projects and backgrounds, and celebrates transcultural partnerships through a vibrant selection of 18 documentaries, including new releases, features, and shorts that highlight the diversity of musical and visual creativity. Furthermore, this event will bring together filmmakers on-site to showcase their work and establish connections within the global music industry.

The WOMEX 23 Film Programme is divided into Market and Public Screenings and the Film Library, a physical space that features an extended selection of films independent of a scheduled screening and can be watched by WOMEX delegates on-demand at any time. Information about the programme formats is here.

Here is the list of films in the WOMEX 23 Film Programme (in alphabetical order).

Market Screenings

Ballaké Sissoko, Kora Tales directed by Lucy Duràn & Laurent Benhamou
Kanga Munoko Yoka directed by Miguel Buenrostro
NTS presents:
- Cumbiaton Total directed by Moisés Anaya
- Keo Kéo: Sài Gòn Sound directed by Mike Pham & Anh Phi Trần
- Singeli Sound: High Speed directed by Chantal Adams
North Circular directed by Luke McManus
Stambeli, the Spirits' Last Dance directed by Augustin Le Gall & Théophile Pillault

Public Screenings

Ethiopiques Magnetic Suite directed by Stéphane Jourdain
Kite Zo A directed by Kaveh Nabatian
La Singla directed by Paloma Zapata

Film Library

Bear to Play directed by Kristina Angelova
Feneen directed by Giulia Rosco
Minarets directed by Nadya Bhimani Perera
Raï is Not Dead directed by Simon Maisonobe
Salimos: La Mafia Andina directed by Felipe Maqui
Spivanka directed by Ganna Gryniva and Peter Bräunig
Terruá Pará directed by Jorane Castro
Woven Sounds directed by Mehdi Aminian

Film Talks

Music Documentaries and Reaching New Audiences
Documenting Music Traditions on Film

article posted by:Gideon Elfgen, Piranha Arts