Meet The Speakers And More Conference Programme Announced For WOMEX 23

WOMEX 23 Second Conference Programme Announcement

After announcing the first batch of Conference Programme for the WOMEX 23 a couple of weeks ago, today we are very excited to share the next BIG round of Panels and Networking Sessions along with the 'Meet the Speakers'.

Explore the extraordinary lineup of global thought leaders, each offering profound insights into vital topics such as artificial intelligence in music, sync and licensing, deep dive into the music of the North Caucasus, insight into new music markets and much more.

With a rich array of 18 Conference Sessions, and 9 Networking Sessions announced, our Conference Programme aims to promote innovation and build connections, focusing on charting a solid path towards a resilient and radiant future for the worldwide music landscape.
Meet The Speakers | WOMEX 23
Nada Alhelabi (Saudi Arabia) strategy and XP Music Futures director, MDLBEAST | Alona Dmukhovska (Ukraine) head/co-founder, Music Export Ukraine NGO | Kaushik Dutta (India/Jordan) president, MusiConnect Asia | Yuriy Gurzhy (Ukraine/Germany) musician, songwriter, dj, author | Eluned Haf (UK) head Wales Arts International | Eddie Hatitye (Zimbabwe/South Africa) director, Music In Africa Foundation | Peiti Huang (Taiwan) Wind Music International Corporation | Herman Kabubi (Uganda) festival/arts market programmer/arts & culture | Jung Hun Lee (South Korea) producer, Seoul Music Week | Sølvi Lien (Norway) artistic and managing director Førde Traditional and World Music Festival | Karalyn Monteil (USA/France) head of Programmes & Stakeholders Outreach UNESCO | Fouzia Saoudi (Morocco) excecutive production director, Festival Gnaoua d'Essaouira | Peta Si'ulepa (Samoa) festival director, Samoana Jazz & Arts Festival | Emero Wano (New Zealand) programme director, WOMAD New Zealand and many more, click here: WOMEX 23 Meet The Speakers

Conference Sessions | WOMEX 23

Artificial Intelligence in the Music Industry
Legal and ethical concerns

Exploring Indigenous Languages
Creating meaningful spaces for Indigenous languages on world stages

Festivals, Tools of Development for Distant Areas
Gnaoua Festival of Essaouira, Førdefestival, Wassulu Festival: 3 examples

Meet the Recipient of the WOMEX 23 Professional Excellence Award
On the Move

New and Developing Markets
Where contemporary African music meets world stages

Rhythms of Knowledge: Mapping Music Conferences in Latin America
Exploring their relevance, diversity and impact on the development of music

Synchronization Licensing Across Borders
How to get your music licensed halfway around the world

The Traditional Music of the North Caucasus
A new underground

WOMEX Orientation for New Delegates
Make the best out of your attendance at WOMEX!

Networking Sessions | WOMEX 23

The Networking Sessions are integral to the WOMEX Conference Programme, catalyzing and facilitating meaningful interactions among music professionals. These sessions are specifically designed to encourage the formation and expansion of global networks within the music industry. Attendees are provided with valuable opportunities to come together, engage in discussions, and share their expertise, ultimately contributing to the collective growth and advancement of the music community.

Education Networking Session
Meeting place for anyone with an interest in music education

Festival Networking Session

Global Latines Networking Session
Establishing a platform for continuous connection

Pan Indigenous Networking Session
Indigeneity is not a genre Part 2 - Indigenous music a space of resistance

North American Networking Session
A holistic approach

article posted by:Gideon Elfgen, Piranha Arts