Official 2022 Film Programme Selection

WOMEX 22 Film Programme

Since its inception in 2002, the WOMEX Film Programme has focused on providing a platform for open exchange, discovering, supporting and introducing independent filmmakers worldwide and their work to diverse global audiences that attend WOMEX every year.

Celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Film programme at WOMEX 22, the schedule in Lisbon will feature a hand-picked selection of 21 music documentaries, including new releases, preview screenings, and Portuguese premieres. In addition, showcasing filmmakers will join on-site to present their work and connect with the global music industry.

Some of the films in this year's selection include Roses. Film-Cabaret, by Irena Stetsenkothe, as the opening film - a Ukrainian documentary musical, which was shot over a period of 7 years, featuring the Dakh Daughters freak-cabaret band, living through the pivotal moment of the 2014 Maidan Revolution. Telmo Soares' Are We Punks Or Not? zooms in on a band from a cerebral palsy association who pursue their musical dreams unhindered by their physical disability. Lucia Kasova's film Orchestra From The Land Of Silence follows the first Afghan all-female orchestra, Zohra, in whose home country playing music is still unacceptable in the eyes of many and where young girls face many difficulties. Dongnan Chen's feature documentary, Singing In The Wilderness, follows a Miao ethnic Christian choir, discovered by a propaganda official, which becomes a national sensation. The brand new film by Jan Moss, Singeli Movement: Greed For Speed, explores the thriving Singeli scene born in the slums of Dar es Salaam, which has been spreading across the global dance floors like a storm.

"This year's film programme follows WOMEX's legacy and highlights global music scenes, putting an emphasis on diversity and inclusion. Besides a deeply personal way of expression, music is a reflection of our society, with all its issues and challenges. Themes present in this year's film selection include LGBTQ politics of the Middle East, the representation of the disabled in the music scene, the role of propaganda in music and beyond. There are also deeply personal artistic features, gentle depictions of local music traditions, as well as explorations of exciting, yet often under-represented new music scenes."
- Luca Jacob & Lucia Udvardyova, Curators, WOMEX Film Programme

The WOMEX 22 Film Programme is divided into Market and Public Screenings and the Film Library, a physical space that features an extended selection of films independent of a scheduled screening and can be watched by WOMEX delegates on-demand at any time. Information about the programme formats are below and here.

Here is the list of films in the WOMEX 22 Film Programme (in alphabetical order)

Market and Public Screenings
- Batida Apresenta: The Almost Perfect DJ directed by aka Batida
- Luanda S(o)un(d)rise directed by Toni Groova
- Roses. Film-Cabaret directed by Irena Stetsenko
- Singeli Movement: Greed For Speed directed by Jan Moss
- Sitos, On Alert In Kinshasa directed by Florent de La Tullaye
- SOA directed by Raquel Castro
- The Soil directed by Zuzanna Solakiewicz
- The Sun Has No Shadow directed by Rebecca Salvadori

Public Screenings
- For Real directed by Ugo Mangin
- Gidam, Drums Of Protest In Khartoum directed by Arthur Larie & Bastien Massa
- Singing In The Wilderness directed by Dongnan Chen
- This Is National Wake directed by Mirissa Neff
- This Life And The Other directed by Luis Rojas

Film Library
- Are We Punks Or Not? directed by Telmo Soares
- Beirut Dreams In Color directed by Michael Collins
- Mro Song And Dance directed by Asifuzzaman Khan
- Orchestra From The Land Of Silence directed by Lucia Kasova
- Panorama Yerevan – The Rock Edition directed by Lucia Kagramanyan
- Rhythms Of Lost Time directed by Anisa Sabiri
- Seven Symphonies Of Zagros directed by Perwîz Rostemî
- The Desert Rocker directed by Sara Nacer

WOMEX Film Programme Formats Explained

Market and Public Screenings
WOMEX Market Screenings are handpicked one-off screenings only accessible to registered WOMEX delegates at Altice Arena from 20 - 22 October.

WOMEX Public Screenings are open to local audiences as well as to WOMEX delegates. This year the public screenings are hosted by Cinemateca Portuguesa in Lisbon.

Film Library
The WOMEX Film Library is a physical space that features an extended selection of films highlighting new projects, and collaborations along with previews of unreleased films. The films in the library are independent of a scheduled screening and can be watched by WOMEX delegates on-demand onsite at Altice Arena between 11:00 AM - 05:00 PM from 20 - 22 October.

article posted by:Gideon Elfgen, Piranha Arts