Ready for TAKEOFF: C:N 2020 Opening Night and Showcase Announced

Classical:NEXT is pleased to announce the Opening Night and the official Showcase programme for the upcoming 2020 edition. Set to take to the stage in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, from 18 - 21 May 2020, the Opening Night and the Showcases reveal the remarkable variety in modern classical and contemporary music.

The 2020 Classical:NEXT Opening Night, entitled Hong Kong / TAKEOFF, will be presented by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council, curated and produced by Louis Siu with artistic director Fung Lam.

The show will unveil the latest in Hong Kong’s classical music scene, taking delegates on a journey through the NEXT - Nostalgic, Energetic, eXciting and Technological. Hong Kong / TAKEOFF offers a window looking out to the past and the present, the East and the West, the potential and the possibilities of Hong Kong’s music making that underpin the city's position as Asia's cultural hub.

The four NEXT episodes start with the unique music and sounds of Cantonese culture of southern China, reflecting the city’s historical root, followed by a dialogue between Chinese and western classical instruments. The sonic journey continues with a musical feast of choreography, literary narration and interspersing ensemble pieces. Cinematic experience then takes over, drawing the senses to visual images and soundscape interwoven to conjure a mesmerising impression of Hong Kong. The final episode of the musical ride takes the audience to contemporary Hong Kong, featuring an experimental performance collective that makes good use of new technologies to express new ideas and connect with the world. Embracing traditions and the NEXT, Hong Kong moves ahead forever and never stands still!

Information about the Hong Kong Arts Development Council, curator and producer Louis Siu and artistic director Fung Lam are available here.

Hong Kong / TAKEOFF will take place on the evening of Monday, 18 May 2020 in the Jurriaanse Zaal, De Doelen.


Classical:NEXT 2020 Official Showcases

Eight acts from eight countries, spanning Europe, the Middle East, Oceania, Central and South America, have been selected as the official Showcases for the ninth edition of Classical:NEXT.

From solo shows to a 14-member all female ensemble, the showcases present diversity, inclusion, cultural combinations and musical innovation that are not only true to Classical:NEXT style, but also paving the way forward for what the future of art music entails.

Showcases take place during the day as well as in the evening, offering delegates a number of opportunities to discover new talents, new styles and new approaches to classical music. The Classical:NEXT Jury selected the acts from an international pool of proposals, hand-picking the most promising and innovative ideas for the 2020 programme.

"As a jury, we wanted to make sure that the different aspects of the music we represent, its cultural angles and its diversity, all came together for Classical:NEXT 2020. It has been a wonderful experience to view so many proposals, with all the wonderful variations that classical music offers and with its artists, not just being performers, but really giving their heart, soul and musical expertise." - Matthias Lutzweiler, jury member

"The 2020 Showcase is a panorama reflecting what adventurous classical
musicians are doing across the world, from fresh ways of playing the
classical canon to daring and beautiful new works from the next generation
of composers. I feel very grateful to every artist who submitted a
proposal, as they were of such high quality that it made our job as jurors
very hard but ultimately very satisfying. The 2020 delegates are in for a
treat!" - Lyle Chan, jury member

“Classical next is a creative hub where tout (new) classical music is represented. We feel privileged to present our project Black Angels in this vibrant hub of artists, promoters and managers, where we hope to start up interesting dialogues and buzzing fresh collaborations.” - Ragazze Quartet (The Netherlands)

"I am so happy to be selected. It is the dream opportunity that I have been hoping for, for more than two decades."- Maestra Zenaida Romeu, Camerata Romeu (Cuba)

For the complete list of Classical:NEXT 2020 Showcases and for further information, please visit our website below.

article posted by:Francisco Gonçalves Silva, Piranha Arts