Supporting Musicians in Virtual Concert Halls

Black Dress Code

While concert halls are silent, musicians still need to play. Many are putting their performances up for free, but this situation will not be tenable for long. Musicians need to be paid.

Black Dress Code Ltd. has therefore set up a Virtual Concert Hall allowing musicians to put up their performances to a paying audience.

They believe that musicians should be paid for their craft and should not set up an expectation in their audiences that everything the musicians do is available, somewhere, free of charge. This is particularly important since it may be some time before concert halls can once again open their doors.

It is free for musicians to upload performances and all money raised is paid to them. At present, the Virtual Concert Hall charges viewers a monthly subscription, but the charging facility is flexible, so individual musicians can dictate their price. Ensembles wishing to load concerts can also charge a higher price for these and live concerts are also most welcome.

Please contact for more information or simply send your recording to It is recommended to use WeTransfer to send files. Remember to also send a headshot, a bio and programme notes for each piece.

article posted by:Aliena Haig, Piranha Arts