WOMEX PODCAST | CHAI BREAK WITH Peter Hvalkof, Roskilde festival

Want to learn how the music business operates? How booking agents book artists for festivals and live venues? How music labels signs new artists? How promoters promote tours? How music export offices in every country support the music ecosystem? Have a look at our new #WOMEXPodcast Interview series Chai Break.

Every couple of weeks we will release a new podcast where Gaurav Narula from the #WOMEX team chats with established music professionals to learn from their years of experience in the music business and discover music you have probably never heard before.

For this very first episode, we spoke with someone who has been a WOMEX delegate for decades and one of the most successful artist bookers in Denmark, Peter Hvalkof, Roskilde Festival and ALICE venue in Copenhagen.

article posted by:Gideon Elfgen, Piranha Arts