Leif Jordansson

Leif Jordansson
Leif Jordansson Press foto
Filmposter of Icey Riders film music by L. Jordansson
Zapatos Nuevos filmscore music by L Jordansson
The Half Hidden filmscore by Leif Jordansson


Russian folk music
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  • country:Sweden
  • region:Northern Europe
  • style(s):Experimental, Folk
  • label:Playground Music Scandinavia
  • type:Solo, Composer/Songwriter
  • gender:male
  • instrumentation:instrumental
  • artist posted by:Playground Music Scandinavia

Line up

  • Leif Jordansson (guitar, keyboards, banjo, accordian, bass, program)


We are seeking international film-theater-ballet scoring work for Leif Jordansson already and established composer in Sweden.

Leif Jordansson was an original member of Swedish band Badliver, who released the album "14 sanger" (meaning 14 songs) in 1989. The album, released on City records featured interpretations of songs by Tom Waits translated to Swedish. Badliver went on to make an album with their own songs "Dag och natt U.P.A" in 1993 (Non Stop records) and music for a number of plays and TV-productions, amongst others an opera for the Gothenburg Opera's "Makkbett".

Since the mid 90's Leif Jordansson has composed music for movies, plays and dance performances. In 1996 he released a CD called "Music for movements" (So Far records) containing music composed for 5 ballets choreographed by Patrick King. Jordansson has composed music for ballets for the biggest scenes in Sweden and has done several jobs in England, Italy and France. In 1999 he was involved in the making of "En salig samling" (duet with Irma Schultz "Ljuvligt och kaerleksfullt"). The album was made to benefit the Swedish Salvation Army and sold triple platinum. Furthermore, Jordansson composed the music for Johan Loefstedts award winning motion picture "Kometen" (2003) - a 30 minute silent picture. He has also collaborated with moviemakers such as Cameron Alyasin (on "Never an Absolution" awarded the Crystal Bear-award i Berlin 2006) and Bengt Loefgren (whose film Icy Riders, with musical score by Jordansson, premieres soon).

During the 21st century Leif Jordansson has contributed on a number of children's records, amongst others Grammy award winning "Lilla Kottens jul" (2004) and "Majas traedgardsvisor" released last spring. He has also composed music for the children's TV series "Pomos Piano" (fall 2008)

Leif Jordansson is the creative leader of The Great Learning Orchestra, a group of musicians exploring contemporary experimental music. TGLO has performed music by Gavin Bryars, Terry Riley, Cornelius Cardew och Lou Reed amongst others. Their own compositions contains a transcription of the music and sounds from The Chainsaw Massacre and Jordansson's own "A4 Rum" in which the orchestra plays music composed on a size A4 piece of paper.

"De halvt dolda" contains music written for the TV series with the same name written by Jonas Gardell and directed by Simon Kaijser Da Silva. The show premieres January 2009.