Midas, the new single from Tanxugueiras

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Tanxugueiras con Xisco Feijoó 1 © Rocío Cibes

Tanxugueiras marks "a turning point" in his career and is committed to exploring urban sounds with his single Midas

The group publishes its new song, in which Fer Peleteiro and Iago Pico collaborate in the production, and which is accompanied by a video clip in which the dancers Fran Sieira, Xisco Feijoó and Artur Puga participate.

"Midas is a powerful and motivating piece with which we want to break with everything and get closer to the new generations, who are the ones who will continue with the tradition", the musicians point out.

Midas, an energetic piece in which the trio marks a turning point in their career by exploring the fusion of traditional music with more modern sounds and styles, close to trap and electronics. The piece, edited by Calaverita Records and PlayPlan Cultural, and which will be available on the main digital platforms, has a video marked by the hallmarks of the cantareiras and traditional Galician dance.

“Midas is a strong single, motivating and full of character; that accurately defines both the current sound of Tanxugueiras and the lack of fear of exploring new formulas and letting ourselves be carried away by other sounds ”, points out the group, made up of Olaia Maneiro, Aida Tarrío and Sabela Maneiro. With Midas, the singers free themselves from both the tambourine and the structures of previous songs to give their voices greater prominence, in the search for a “very personal, very ours, without controversy or prejudice” sound.

Thus, in this single they explore the possibilities offered by the fusion of tradition with more modern styles, such as trap or electronica, but without losing an iota of contact with the origin and traditional rhythms, “so down to earth, so ours ”. For this they have the collaboration in the production of Fer Peleteiro and Iago Pico, from Poulan Studios, who has also been at the forefront of the recording, mixing and mastering. The result, according to the artists, is a "round" proposal.

"Although Midas is a radical turn towards more urban styles, those who know the field of traditional Galician music will find in this piece numerous connections with it both in its rhythmic base, as in the verses or in the character of the lyrics itself" , the group points out, that their new single also delves into their creative side: their own texts are mixed with popular lyrics. "Our aim is not to position ourselves as the figurehead of the reformulation of traditional music, but we do want to take another step in its evolution and bring our heritage closer to other younger audiences", they point out. In this sense, the singers highlight the importance of valuing Galician popular creation among the new generations, "since it is the population that will continue the tradition and keep it alive, also since its evolution."

article posted by:Andrés Lamosa, PlayPlan Cultural