"Eterno Combate" - SonDaRúa



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It is a 12-cut LP in which we can enjoy the collaborations of Skandalo GZ, Navia Rivas and Ezetaerre. In addition, and keeping the usual line of SonDaRúa, Eterno Combate is a most eclectic album, in which a lot of musical styles have a place; from classic rap to the purest 90’s style, through ska, rock and reaching the most characteristic sounds of reggae.

Regarding the instrumental part of Eterno Combate, the greatest weight of the production fell on Álex Arnoso, member of the group. However, Eterno Combate has the participation of different artists of the level of Peter Petrowski (Ezetaerre), a regular in the works of SonDaRúa, That Bass, current DJ of the band, who also contributed his musical grain of sand on this LP, or Javier Vicalo, producer of the song that gives its name to the album at The Dub Yard studios. It also highlights the great work done by Félix Cebreiro on Quela Records, both in the mixing and mastering of the songs and in the musical arrangements of the album.

Although the band does not lose its subversive and vindictive essence at any time, in Eterno Combate we can find very diverse themes among the different songs that make up the album, as well as rhythms and instruments full of quality and freshness.