Group Picture of AYM
AYM Performing Picture


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Line up

  • Anshi Hu (Dongbula, Sibuzie, Synthesizer)
  • Qi Ni (Shamanic Drum, African Drum)
  • Yibo song (Dongbula, Kouxian)
  • Yuchen Yuan (Dongbula, Huobuzi)

Aym, translated as "my moon" in Central Asia, contains the moral of beauty, purity and kindness. They are devoted to the inheritance and creation of world music, including original ecological music, Central Asian traditional music (Kazak music, Tuva music and Altai Music), national fusion music, etc. Aym mainly focuses on the traditional instruments of Central Asian nationalities, such as Dongbula, Igler, sibuzi'e, hobuzi, Tuobu Xiuer, Tuva three-string, shaman drum, buccal reed, etc., and integrates the hand dish, didgerido tube and other instruments from different regions. The creative inspiration mainly comes from the perception of nature and the reflection on life. The traditional music, poetry and epic in Central Asia and folk music all over the world are also important to their music. They hope to express an environmentally friendly and positive attitude towards life through music, enjoy nature, love and life, take you through the vast gobi grassland and appreciate the beauty of music from a foreign land.