Group Picture of SHENNAMU

Line up

  • Haoyang Fan (Vocal)
  • Jianjun Mao (Bass)
  • Jing Huang (Flute)
  • Jun Deng (Keyboard)
  • Peng Cheng (Drum)
  • Tao Duan (Guitar)


Shennamu is a successor of folk music of China’s Guizhou province, and a band that relieves people’s unhappiness. With lyrics in the Guizhou dialect, Shennamu blends traditional folk music and local operas that were influenced by the Nuo shamanic culture, and constructs a unique music castle of their own. Through their songs, Shennamu tries to get rid of the heaviness of life and bring a lightness to the audience.

In addition to modern electronic instruments, Shennamu uses local instruments from Guizhou, such as the Dong pipa lute and the koudi flute, which add to the tension and vitality of their works. As their music becomes more mature and widely recognized, Shennamu is now a symbol of Guizhou, and they are determined to open up a more profound musical world.