"Alma" - Paolo Fresu & Omar Sosa

Paolo Fresu & Omar Sosa


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"Energy", “poetry” and “spirituality” sound as the most proper words to identify this new musical adventure by Paolo Fresu and Omar Sosa.
In a time where crossing, tangentiality, transversialism and similar words seems to be essential in a world which prefers to identify music by genre, what strongly comes to our attention in this new recording is an ideal, and unlikely, thin red line linking Cuba to the Mediterranean.

Fresu and Sosa are "dancing”.
They dance in a latin way around a winning mix of jazz, Cuban and world music they were be able to create. While Fresu is a well known important icon of contemporary music, Sosa is surprisingly challenging, offering such wide scenarios recalling Joe Zawinul in some way.

So many different styles in the 11 tracks of this amazing “Alma”. A record full of an important chiaroscuro but also a record where spiritual colours balance themselves with tecnique, this is mostly evident in the re-interpretation of the little masterpiece titled “Under African Skies” written by Paul Simon, here the duo plays with very rare lightness and gentleness.

But if, to enrich some aspect of this work, the duo is joined by a real master of the arts such as Jaques Morelenbaum, well, the circle is closed.