Orhan Osman
  • country:Greece
  • style(s):Balkan, Global Fusion
  • label:Doublemoon Records
  • artist posted by:Pozitif Muzik A.S


Beginning his journey as a musician in Greece, Orhan Osman spent many years cultivating his unique sound in the United States and Bulgaria and on the stages of France, Germany, and Kazakhstan. Upon his return to Germany, Osman found inspiration for a new stage project called Balkan Express , which is his musical interpretation of Bulgarian, Roman, Greek, Indian, and Turkish melodies. Spending many years enjoying the project’s popularity, Osman expanded his fan-base and prepared for the release of his first album, Devr-i Alem . In 2004, Orhan Osman released his second album Gokkusagý as a record of the sounds that tempt his listeners to cross borders and boundaries to see his spectacular stage shows.

Orhan Osman played the Humba Party at the Köln Carnival and tantalized the crowd at the 6th World Cultures Festival in Lohmar, Germany. Osman also graced the stage at the Belgian Sfinks Festival in 2004.

Although Osman tours extensively both internationally and domestically—catering to his clamoring fans—he also makes sure to dedicate time for recording. His latest album -Reminiscing is released on Doublemoon Records in October.