Ylê de Egbá

“For everything there’s a dance. Only the ones that don’t have life do not dance", says Dito D’Oxossi, leader of the group Ylê de Egbá. Founded 17 years ago, Ylê is the legitimate heir of the traditional African nations that came as slaves to Pernambuco, state in the northeast of Brazil. The Ylê de Egbá shows powerful dances, rhythms and colours, expressing the energy of afro-brazilian culture. Nowadays, the group has a special distinction in Pernambuco’s culture. During Carnival, period of festivities in the region, the street parades of Ylê de Egbá attract loads of people, vibrating at the sound of Afoxé, Maracatu and other local rhythms of Africans roots. The parades consist of dancers, singers and percussionists and are always followed by a crowd of dancing people. The Ylê de Egbá performs a powerful stage show as well as a street parade, with strong percussion, music, dances and beautiful, colourful costumes.


Ylê de Egbá


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