A Bunch of Meninos
Dead Combo
Lisboa Mulata


Lusitania Playboys1
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Line up

  • Pedro Gonçalves (Double Bass, Guitar)
  • Tó Trips (Guitars)


Tó Trips and Pedro Gonçalves are Dead Combo. They incarnate two characters that could have come from a Comic: an Undertaker and a Gangster. They got together in 2003 after an invitation to play in a Tribute album to the genius of the Portuguese Guitar: Carlos Paredes.
All of their original 5 albums were awarded “Record of the Year” by the Portuguese press.
The Duo gained international recognition in 2012 after starring in Anthony Bourdain’s “No Reservations” program (Travel Channel) on a TV special about Lisbon (see the full episode here). During the following weeks, they climbed the iTunes USA World Music Chart up to the Top 10 with 3 of their albums (!). On the way, they were invited to perform at Cannes Cinema Festival 2012 at David Cronenberg’s “Cosmopolis“ première.
Dead Combo packed and sweat extensively on the road during 2013: Portugal, England, France, Germany, Austria, Mexico, Brazil and Macau (China) were visited. They’ve made some “serious noise” at the Alive ’13 (Lisbon), Festival Cerventino (Mexico), MAMA Event (Paris), Banlieues Bleues (France), Jazz Sous Les Pommiers (France), Jazz Salzburg Festival (Austria), Pirineos Sur (Spain), CNMW (Canadian Music Week) and at the Festival SIM (São Paulo), just to name a few.
The 5th and latest release “A Bunch Of Meninos” (March 2014) went straight to Nr. 1 at the Portuguese Music Chart and stayed at Nr.1 for a couple weeks on the iTunes Portuguese Top. Also, the “Meninos” were the most listened Bunch on Spotify Portugal in March.
They’ve sold out all the 25 shows of the first leg of the Portuguese tour (march-may 14) and they have another 20 coming until the end of the year, including the Lisbon Coliseum.
These “Meninos” mean business… release in France this Fall … Next Tours in France, Germany, USA and Canada in 2015…