Expresso Transatlântico (Portugal)

Expresso Transatlântico (Portugal)
Expresso Transatlantico
Expresso Transatlantico_sea

Line up

  • Gaspar Varela (Portuguese guitar)
  • José Cruz  (trumpet, keys)
  • Rafael Matos (drums)
  • Sebastião Varela (electric guitar)
  • Tiago Martins  (bass)


Strongly inspired by a city full of tradition and modernity, Expresso Transatlântico bridge the streets between the neighbourhoods, aiming to unite the sounds teeming around them: the Portuguese traditions, melancholy fado and the ubiquitous pop, African and Brazilian songs and grooves, clanging twangy guitars escaping from the underground. It starts with the Varela brothers: guitarist/ film director Sebastião and younger sibling Gaspar, gifted player of the Portuguese guitar. Great-grandsons of fadista Celeste Rodrigues (sister of icon Amália), with whom Gaspar made his first appearances. He has since played with novo fado star Ana Moura and pop star Madonna, who saw him performing and invited him on her tour. Together with family friend Rafael Matos, providing percussive dynamism, the Transatlantic Express set out on its journey of adventure from then to now and all stops in-between.

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Expresso Transatlântico (Portugal)