Pedro Caldeira Cabral

Pedro Caldeira Cabral
Pedro Caldeira Cabral
  • country:Portugal
  • region:Lisboa
  • style(s):Instrumental, Renaissance
  • label:not signed
  • type:Trio
  • gender:male
  • instrumentation:instrumental
  • artist posted by:Produtores Associados

Line up

  • Duncan Fox (Double Bass)
  • Joaquim Silva (Acoustic Guitar)
  • Pedro Caldeira Cabral (Portuguese Guitar)


One of the most important Portuguese guitarists of our times, founder and director of early music groups “La Batalla” and “Concerto Atlântico”, specialized in Medieval and Renaissance music, Pedro Caldeira Cabral is a renowned Portuguese musician.

His published books about popular Portuguese music instruments origins and development are, along with his music, a reference worldwide.

Being one of the first Portuguese musicians associated with the World Music movement in the 80’s, Caldeira Cabral developed a very individual style founded on the Portuguese guitar solo tradition but incorporating original techniques and elements gathered from his traditional instruments studies within the Mediterranean musical heritage.

As a performer he has expanded the solo repertoire of the Portuguese Guitar from traditional Fado guitar legends to transcriptions from J.S.Bach, S.L.Weiss, D. Scarlatti, Seixas, S. de Murcia, R. de Visée and many others.

His latest album 'The Labyrinth of the Guitar' released in 2013 evokes the evolution of the Portuguese guitar musical usage and gives origin to Pedro Caldeira Cabral’s new tour.