Erol Josue 'PELERINAJ' Album Release May 28 2021

Erol Josue - 'Pelerinaj'


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"Pelerinaj" is an invitation to a musical and intellectual journey, all at once sacred, intimate, and festive.
Within an ambitious object unique in its kind, the work, in the form of a well-documented disc-book, federates, the poet, the artist, the Houngan ( Voudou Priest), the traveler straddling several continents and the ethnographer an exceptional smuggler of his country's intangible heritage, General Director of the National Bureau of Ethnology (the BNE) of Haiti since 2012.
The disc, conceived as an initiatory musical laboratory and the book, set of texts to variable geometry, draw the many lives and memories of this Haitian " natif-natal" (authentic-native) to the singular identity. It in fact, reflects the essence of the heritage elements that make up this country to "The touching, enticing and cruel, lascivious and unforgettable smell" of which Erol communicates with precision and humor the complexity and surrealist poetry.

article posted by:Chriss Rimpel, RAD Muzik NOW