"Limmazonas" - Christoph Stiefel / Fabio Freire

Christoph Stiefel / Fabio Freire
  • artist:Christoph Stiefel / Fabio Freire
  • release year:2000
  • style(s):Global Fusion
  • country:Switzerland
  • formats:CD (Compact Disc)
  • record posted by:RecRec Medien AG
  • label:Make up your world


In many ways, Limmazonas are no ordinary duo. Playing together, Christoph Stiefel & Fabio Freire have created a deep-felt sound right from the very start. Both of these musicians invest themselves and their different musical backgrounds - between Limmat and Amazonas – fully in the music.
The marriage of the two very different musical backgrounds, cultures, continents and people has brought an astonishing and unique sound.