La Bottine Souriante

Line up

  • Andre Verrault (Trombone)
  • Benoit Bourque (Vocals, foot tapping, guitar, mandolin)
  • David Boulanger (Vocals, fiddle, guitar, percussion)
  • Eric Beaudry (Vocals, foot tapping, guitar, mandolin)
  • Francois Marion (Upright bass, vocals)
  • Jean Frechette (Saxophone, flute, percussion, vocals)
  • Jean-Francoise Gagnon (Fiddle, vocal, foot tapping)
  • Jocelyn Lapointe (Trumpet)
  • Pierre Belisle (Piano, percussion, trumpet)
  • Robert Ellis  (Bass, trombone, percussion)
  • Sandy Silva (Percussive dancing)
  • country:
  • region:
  • style(s):
    • Celtic
  • label:
    Borealis Records
  • type:
  • gender:
    male, female
  • instrumentation:
    instrumental, vocal
  • artist submitted by:

Currently celebrating its 35th anniversary, La Bottine Souriante spearheaded the renewal of interest in Quebec's roots music. The ten-piece ensemble which includes a female dancer and a four-man brass section - is hailed at home and abroad for its innovative arrangements and the wild spirit of its live shows. La Bottine Souriante the name translates as the smiling work-boot keeps to a repertoire of traditional songs and tunes from home, but is never content to stay still musically, drawing inspiration from jazz and world music.

There's a New Orleans, party feel to La Bottine that links it to Francophone traditions of Louisiana. The rollicking outfit stays clear of popular trends and folk purism, offering instead music of depth and substance with the freedom to innovate and let the good times roll.


La Bottine Souriante


La Bottine Souriante


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