Livia Mattos (Brazil)

Livia Mattos (Brazil)


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  • country:Brazil
  • label:YB Music / Independent
  • type:Band
  • artist posted by:Scubidu Music

Line up

  • Jefferson Babu (tuba)
  • Livia Mattos (accordion, vocals)
  • Rafael dos Santos (drums, percussion)


Bahia-based accordion player, songwriter, vocalist, filmmaker and visual artist, Livia Mattos has been developing her singular skills as player and unconventional frontwoman since she started her artistic adventures as a circus performer. She has collaborated with renowned artists like Rosa Passos, Badi Assad, and Chico Cesar, as well as the Symphonic Orchestra of Bahia and released her debut album as a songwriter, Vinha da Ida, in 2017, receiving acclaim for its surprising arrangements, inventive lyrics, unusual fusion of Brazilian roots and global rhythms, and its overall fresh originality. Its success led to tours in Europe and the Americas, as well as earning her four prestigious Brazilian arts and culture awards. Her adventures continue with her latest album, Apneia, now touring with her unique trio, comprising long-term colleagues, Rafael dos Santos (drums) and Jefferson Babu (tuba).


Livia Mattos (Brazil)