Von Daler & Low Pressure

Von Daler & Low Pressure


feat. Stine Kinck
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Feat. Stine Kinck
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  • country:Denmark
  • style(s):Dub, Tango
  • label:Dubsoul Records
  • type:Band, DJ/Remixer
  • gender:male, female
  • instrumentation:instrumental, vocal
  • artist posted by:Second To The Left

Line up

  • Asger von Daler (Ac Guitar)
  • Indee Styla (Vocal )
  • Low Pressure (Vocal, El-piano & fx's)
  • Marianne Vinther Olesen (Bandon√©on)
  • Nuplex (Dj, keys, Fx's)
  • Stine Kinck (Vocal )


The work of the danish producer duo, von Daler & Low Pressure, is best described as a laboratory where many ideas must necessarily collide, fracture and divide before something excellent may be formed, musical in-fights within its walls and the resulting innovative combinations of strings, tango licks and dubbed beats all constitute the essence of the duos unique expressions.

With von Dalers roots deep in latin folk and popular genres, jazz and classical music, he brings a right of centre contrast to the dub-reggae, dubstep and nu-soul background of partner Low Pressure (aka Emo), who is also known as vocalist from his early work with DJ Vadim, Ninja Tune (UK) and Boozoo Bajou, K7 (DE), not to mention the two Emo albums, This Is My Home (Stereo Deluxe) (DE) and Remedy (Audiopharm) (DE) von Daler & Low Pressure are known and their services sought in a wide assortment of countries.

They have held their own on the tango scene in Buenos Aires closing the leading tango dancehall (milonga) on a heavily visited saturday night knees up. Tracks like "Real Love ft Natasja" from the their first album, "Sonatas en Dub" (2008), have also been featured on television commercials for HBO hit series True Blood and on a wide range of international compilations such as Buddha Bar, Cafe Zen, Global Dub, Stella Polaris etc.

The international recognition has also lead to a fruitful interchange with several international musicians and their second album "Bitter Sweet" (2012) has a very international flavour. Spanish rapper, Indee Styla, curves and floats around mellow tango inspired lines with dubby drum loops on Dualidad (translation:

Duality) marking the juxta position of acoustic and electronic. Beats and Tango, Dark and Light, Hope and Despair and Love and Pain. Singer/ Vocalist/Artist Kinck is featured on five tracks on the album. Her soul-jazz background gives von Daler & Low Pressure another dimension to play with. Her souley edge is a good mix and complements their sound well. Other celebrity collaborations on Bitter Sweet, include the Mali based Lassi King Massassi, Pablo Gignoli and Fernando Marzan Quinteto.von Daler & Low Pressure's latest album "Dubs And Extra Sweets" (2013) is a sister to "Bitter Sweet", with dub/instrumental versions and four new tracks.