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DANYKAS DJ is a DJ and producer born and raised in Lisbon, Portugal. The love for music has
always been a constant in her life, an atmosphere felt from the beginning in her home. A
musical spirit cultivated by her father and mother, who by the word of the same, are an entire
encyclopedia of African, Arabic, Latin and Portuguese music, thus allowing her to supply her
luggage with sounds for travel without borders.

This whole experience in terms of listening to so much variety without limitations, praised her
predisposition to respect music as a whole, and today it is possible to observe that her sets
travel between the inviting beauty of Deep House, the provocation of Tech House and the
happiness of Afro House, House Music and other things that sound good to her.
Never leaving the corners of her room, in December 2015 the first invitation appears to
expose herself to the public in the 'Room System' project, which took place at Casa
Independente, Lisbon.
This project, created by DJ Satelite (Seres Produções CEO) and other friends in Angola, which
gives opportunities to artists in both music and visual arts, to have access to a stage to show
their art in various formats.

Being a little looser and out of the comfort of her room, in 2019 begins the work for the first
EP and, in May 2020, launched the EP "Dina De Brava", composed by two tracks 'Dina De
Brava' and 'Morna', whose representation is the liveliness of her mother, Dina.
She currently assumes functions as Manager of the production company Seres Produções
and curates the Room System project, where she has the mission of finding other new talents.

MANAGEMENT: brunadesouza@danykasdj.com