Elephant Sessions (UK)

Elephant Sessions (UK)


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  • country:United Kingdom
  • region:Scotland
  • label:self-release under Elephant Sessions
  • type:Band
  • artist posted by:Showcase Scotland Expo

Line up

  • Alasdair Taylor (mandolin)
  • Euan Smillie (fiddle)
  • Greg Barry (drums)
  • Seth Tinsley (bass, synth)


Today's folk making folk-music for today. Hailing from the Highlands of Scotland, combining mandolin and fiddle, sturdy grooves, electro-loops, and tight bass and drums section, Elephant Sessions have created their own brand of indie-funk-folk, channelling the organic energy of a communal pub session into artfully arranged, genre-hopping compositions, delivered to the dancefloor with consummate skill. The band came together in 2012 from the nucleus of mandolinist Alasdair Taylor and fiddler Euan Smillie. The duo had been playing music together since their schooldays, enthused by both traditional folk and contemporary rock, so the addition of drummer Greg Barry and bassist Seth Tinsley was a natural coalescence and the start of a unique approach that over ten years has taken them from their garden shed to crowd-animating performances at major international festivals, plus some Best Album awards too.


Elephant Sessions (UK)