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"Todo bien" the new single from "La Chiva Gantiva" invites you not to take everything personally. It is a party between Colombians and Congolese.
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Todo bien" is the new single from La Chiva Gantiva feat. Jupiter & Okwess and El Callegüeso (Jacobo Vélez from La Mamabanegra). It is a song that reflects the celebration of the meeting between Colombians and Congolese who want to celebrate, where life allows them, either in Brussels, Paris, Kinshasa or in Cali, and of course doing what they like the most; celebrate life by making music together. In a Paris studio the three fierce leaders of these groups met to make music. The result is a track where Afro-Colombian rhythms and Congolese Afrobeat rhythms know how to come together in a perfect way to raise the energy and synchronize us with the positive.
In “Todo Bien” the sound and energy of these groups are organically felt. Again, the Afro rhythmic bases allow “La Chiva Gantiva” to vent his energy to infect others with his self-styled 'punklore'. It is a track that allows you to see the perfect combination of rock, Afro-Colombian rhythms and the Afro-Congolese beat. The vocal leader of “La Chiva Gantiva”, Rafael Espinel, wrote, composed and produced “Todo Bien”.
“Todo bien” is the second single of what will be the fourth album by La Chiva Gantiva. It is part of the celebration of the 10th anniversary of the release of the first album "Pelao" (Produced by Richard Blair).
On this occasion, for the first time in the band, the group leader Rafael Espinel produced and writed the song with the collaboration of Jupiter (Jean-Pierre Bokondji, Leader of the Congolese band Jupiter & Okwess) and El Callegüeso (Jacobo Vélez, Caleño leader of La Mamabanegra).
“Todo bien” is part of the celebration of the 10 years of La Chiva Gantiva who has stepped on the most important rock, jazz and world music platforms of the 5 continents, putting Afro- Colombian rhythms at a very high level.

article posted by:Maria Clara Espinel, Si Asbl