Caterina Sangineto
Adriano Sangineto
Ensemble Sangineto


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Line up

  • Adriano Sangineto  (Celtic Harp, psaltery, flutes, voice and bagpip)
  • Caterina Sangineto (Voice, bowed psaltery, transverse flute, )
  • Tiziano Cogliati (Guitar, keyboard, voice)


The Ensemble Sangineto is one of the most popular folk groups in the Italian scene. Thanks to the experience gained in the various musical genres, from Gregorian chant to classical music, from musical to pop, the performance of the Ensemble offers unusual arrangements of European folk tunes and original compositions (especially with a Celtic flavour) with the sounds of the harp and the guitar, which accompany the three voices. Thanks to these original elements, the Ensemble has performed in the most renowned festivals of Celtic music in Italy, France, Belgium or Spain. Recently they have even performed in China, as the representative group for European popular music.

The Ensemble is formed of the twins Adriano and Caterina, children of the well-known harp and psaltery maker Michele Sangineto, and the multi-instrumentalist Tiziano Cogliati. The repertoire includes traditional Irish, Breton and Galician melodies, along with a great diversion into Italian music.