"Folk and Great Tunes from Norway" - Various Artists

Various Artists

Dear friends of interesting music,

with the help of this new compilation, I would like to give you another short glimpse into the lively Norwegian folk music scene. Some of the artists have already been introduced on the former compilation "Nordic Notes Vol. 3: Folk from Norway". But of course I want to share the latest developments with you! So there are lots of new things to discover: The Trio Raabygg, the Shootingstar Julietnorth or the "arctic fairy" Elin Kaven. But also wild tunes from the Sami lands with Vassvik, wonderful female voices with Eplemöya Songlag and many more. All these artists have been touring the world for a number of years now and are often performing at important festivals.

After visiting the Norwegian "Folkelarm" festival several times now and after the exciting invitation to the first "Northern Expo 2018" in Svalbard on Spitsbergen, I just had to pass the impressions on to you!

Unfortunately, all artists and bands could not be considered here. So there is only one thing that can be done: To release the next compilation "Nordic Notes: Folk from Norway" in two or three years!