"Rosa" - Amira

CD "Rosa" - Amira


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  • artist:Amira
  • featured artist:Kim Burton,...
  • region:Balkan
  • release year:2004
  • style(s):Balkan, Sevdah
  • country:Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • formats:CD (Compact Disc)
  • record posted by:Snail Records
  • label:Snail Records
  • publisher:Snail Publishing


"Our latest CD "A secret Gate" has given us a novelty. A debut of a young girl Amira and memorable singing of "Mujo Djogu po Mejdanu voda" gave a special flavor to the whole project. In order not to disappoint Mostar Sevdah Reunion fans and neglect numerous questions, we have decided to take a new step towards representing Sevdalinka as well as other Balkan music. We started another rather demanding project at the end of November 2003 and very beginning of December. The artists working on the album were also some members of Mostar Sevdah Reunion, Mustafa Santic - clarinet, accordion, piano, vocal, Sejo Avdic-drums, Kosta Latinovic-berde bass, Ilijaz Delic - vocal and Sandi Durakovic - vocal. Alongside there were Dinko Simunovic - contrabass, Slobodan Stancic - violin, Miralem - saz, Admir Spahic, Jesenko Krpo and Sasa Karabatak-guitar. As a very special guest, with our greatest pleasure, there was Kim Burton at piano and kaval, one of the biggest experts for Balkan music. Her contribution to this project has precious significance and it gives totally different dimension to the whole idea. CD with 12 tracks is going to be released in October 2004. Besides Sevdalinka, there are some traditional Macedonian songs, some songs from South Serbia (Vranje) and songs born in early 60s with a touch of traditional roots from the Balkans. A very interesting concept that should open the gate of one's heart."