"Il Bastidor" - ARKUL

Arkul - "Il Bastidor"


vocal-Vladimir Mickovic
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'Il Bastidor' by Arkul presents Sephardic music from Bosnia.
The Sephardic Jews were expelled from Spain in 1492 and they sought refuge around the shores of the Mediterranean wherever they felt safe. Some of them arrived in Bosnia and through the centuries they assimilated with Bosnian people while keeping their own religion, language (Ladino) and songs.

The two musicians who make up Arkul have their roots in Sephardic and Bosnian music while at the same time giving it a contemporary feel. The multi-instrumentalist and arranger Atilla Aksoj provides backing on guitars, mandolin, bass and percussion for the sensitive, pure voice of Vladimir Mickovic on traditional and more recent songs whose subjects include love, traveling and looking for a new home.