Global Music Awards crown Snow Owl's THE BLUE ROAD with Double Gold Medal

Double Gold for The Blue Road

On September 20th the Global Music Awards have announced their nine Gold Medal finalists. Amongst the winners is Snow Owl’s latest CD production “The Blue Road”. The album received two golden medals in the categories of “World Jazz” and “Best Album”.

Global Music Awards’ goal is to celebrate truly independent musicians, rather than being like other music talent competitions that honour only the best-selling recording artists. Global Music Awards is the highest standard for original music, unique voices and emerging artists and represents a prestigious international music competition that brings attention to artists who are traditionally underrepresented by mass media.

With the double gold winning album “The Blue Road” Snow Owl is once again bringing to the stage a collage of indigenous musical cultures - loyal and true to his indigenous forefathers. Imagine the Voices and the Balafon of the griot tribes of Burkina Faso conversing with the Bulgarian Tupan and Kaval, while the ethnic rhythms of Colombian andean traditions melt together with members of both the Vienna Philharmonic and Radio Symphony Orchestra into an unforgettable celebration of the human spirit. A new path for Snow Owl is the introduction of lyrics to his compositions and so this CD features some of the biggest musical voices of our times.

article posted by:Theresa Bloder, Snow Owl