WorldMusicReport praises #TheBlueRoad

The Blue Road

"Composers who venture into the realm of ‘world musics’ do so at their own peril, especially with such masters of musical worlds Toto La Momposina is from Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart looking over their shoulders. Now include in that realm from Colombia to Austria, the traditions of music from Bulgaria, Hungary, and other parts of Europe, together with the African tradition, and with American art forms and you have quite a mountain to climb. But bassist Juan Garcia-Herreros, for one, has gone past the intimidation to produce a substantial recording, The Blue Road, making a determined and enormously successful effort to recapture the sweep and vision of the traditional music of Colombia and the glorious tradition Western Classical music exemplified by Mozart, melded together with the pulse and dramatic energy of the Jazz form." - Raul Da Gama

article posted by:Theresa Bloder, Snow Owl