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  • country:Spain
  • region:Madrid
  • style(s):Flamenco, Pop
  • label:Calaverita Records
  • type:Band, Duo
  • gender:male
  • instrumentation:vocal, percussion, string, singer songwriter, pop group, guitar
  • artist posted by:Sonde 3 Producciones

Line up

  • Ignacio García Castelló (guitar, cajón and voice)
  • Javier Pérez Campo (bass)
  • Juan García Castelló (cajón and voice)
  • Miguel Sempere Buján (guitar)


Twin brothers spreading good vibes. We are the result of the fusion of flamenco
and pop, mixed with a handful of joy, a dose of van life, a guitar, and a cajón.
We came to sing our lives with a clear goal: to spread joy and good vibes
wherever we go.
23 years ago, we were born weighing 1kg each and with some difficulties due to
our mother's premature birth. The live music provided by our parents was a key
ingredient in our recovery inside the incubator. It has been, is, and will be the
driving force of our lives.
9 years ago, we founded the association "Música en Vena", dedicated to
bringing live music to hospitals, improving the health of patients and
scientifically investigating its therapeutic effects. This project has helped us to
understand music from another perspective. "This is the real power of music for
Since we were little, we have been linked to the world of music. Our mother,
Venezuelan, came to Spain to study flamenco dancing. Our father, an architect
by profession, was a jazz magazine editor and has been playing the piano since
he was 20 years old. We started piano lessons at the age of 9 and guitar at the
age of 11. We started composing at the age of 15. Juan had his reggae project
and Ignacio his flamenco project. We have always been making music, but in
separate projects.
At the same time, Ignacio studied Audiovisual Communication at the UCM, and
then worked as a photographer and videographer. He trained as a percussionist
at the Escuela de Amor de Dios. Juan studied Sound Engineering at the IES
Puerta Bonita, and then worked in live sound companies, recording studios and
radio. He also studied trumpet, music production and combo at the Escuela de
Música Creativa.
In the middle of a van trip through northern Brazil, we were forced to return to
Madrid due to COVID 19. During the lockdown, MOROCHOS was born, an
artistic project that has evolved considerably in its two years of life. 'Con
Poquitas Cosas Ser Feliz' is our first album. Currently, we are immersed in the

recording of our next album.
In 2023, we said goodbye to our tour with two very special concerts at the Sala
Copérnico in Madrid and the Sidecar hall in Barcelona. In June, we released
'Babas y arañazos', the first single from what will be our new album, which will
be released in February of next year under the Calaverita Records label.