"Figura de Gente" - Diabo a Sete

Diabo a Sete
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Diabo a Sete is back on records with "Figura de Gente", the long-awaited third record, which confirms the band as an unavoidable reference in the reinvention of Portuguese root music.
Since its formation in 2003, Diabo a Sete has been building a repertoire based on original themes and others inspired by traditional Portuguese music, always trying to approach them without purist prejudices and aware of their contemporaneity.
The new album "Figura de Gente" themes deepen the task of picking up rhythms, sounds and instruments associated to the traditional music and to give it lyrics, clothes and modern melodic arrangements. The result is a modern folk sound, composed entirely of original themes, which emphasize the creativity and originality of the group, with a very own imagination.
In this album, Diabo a Sete presents a renewed lineup, with the integration of Sara Vidal (ex lead singer of the Galician band Luar na Lubre).