Olga Koziel

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  • WOMEX 2014

Olga Kozieł- graduated from music school in piano class and completed pedagogical studies with specialization of andragogy and lifelong education. Since 2005 associated with a Foundation "Muzyka Kresów" from Lublin, which marked the beggining of interests in traditional music. Particularly interested in the musical culture of eastern part of Poland, western Ukraine, southern Belarus and a Russian region- Kursk. Currently - a student of Musicology at Warsaw University- focusing her master thesis to a traditional Polish singer from Kurpie region.
Former member of International School of Traditional Music's Ensemble conducted by Jan Bernad. The group has participated in many projects - "The Oldest Songs of Europe Festival", "Brave Festival", "Kujawy", had in its repertoire following performances: "Polish Songs" and "Three sounds". Moreover, worked with musicians of experimental scene on projects combining traditional with contemporary music, eg. at the "Warsaw Autumn Festiwal", "Festival of Traditional and Avant-garde Music CODES", "kr39", or combining classical music with traditional singing, eg. "Gorzkie Żale", "Lithaniae" (Alexander Kościów).
She's a member of a collective "Z Lasu" reconstructing songs from Polesie region (geographical region located mainly on the territory of Ukraine and Belarus).
Her musical path owes to the work of the most distinguished teachers of traditional Polish music: Ewa Grochowska, Jan Bernad, Monika Mamińska and multiple participation in workshops led by teachers of traditional singing from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania and Serbia, who themselves were introduced to the world of village sounds by their masters- village musicians. She also participates in expeditions to villages in order to meet village musicians and singers and learn from them.
She's captivated by the possibilities of non-verbal communication that takes place in the singing - she spends long evenings being lost in the music singing songs with friends from various regions of Poland, Ukraine and Russia. Delighted with the palette of colors and shades of sounds, the voice capabilities of traditional singers, the diversity and unpredictability, which offers village music. Participation in the workshop of experimental and improvised music (eg. with Brice Pichard, Linda Hirst or Pauline Oliveros) has helped in understanding the complex and extremely difficult art of musical improvisation as well as with developing improvisational skills, which she tries to use while singing. Fascinated not only by singing, but also by dancing- she has spent countless hours spinning on the dance floor to mazurkas' rhythms.

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