DJ Wonderbraz

DJ Wonderbraz
  • country:France
  • region:Bretagne
  • label:not signed
  • type:DJ/Remixer
  • gender:female
  • artist posted by:Tartine Production

Under the pseudonym of Dj Wonderbraz, Yuna Le Braz, has masterfully mixed, for 20 years, world music that one does not often have the opportunity to listen to. Music that is both popular, traditional, old or current, that she brought back from her travels or that friends from other countries have entrusted to her.

Treasures, collectors. Electro-exotic tracks, exotic hip hop melodies, mixed bombs, guaranteed to hit the dancefloor. Guided by her pure instinct, associated with her knowledge of the world of music, Wonderbraz naturally balances sounds from the world.

Because this researcher of unformatted sounds, very concerned by the free movement of artists and music, is much more than a simple passer: Wonderbraz is a cultural activist. A vocation already asserted, during a rather intense decade, in Douarnenez, with its "Arts dînent à l'uile", a daring and original festival. Brazil, Senegal, Portugal, Morocco, Marseille, every year, a guest sardine port, unruly artistic proposals, his favorites and his shared love at first sight ...

Today, with its new project, Turbo Visa Free, Wonderbraz takes it a step further. She now crosses her decks with the videos of Thierry Salvert, alias BadGreen, who shares with her the same taste for elsewhere. And she invites live the Breton singer Erik Marchand, also passionate about hybrid aesthetics.

On board this visa-free Turbo, we travel to strange territories from which the Balkan, Berber, Benin or Breton sounds rise. A concentrate, powerful and fragrant, from Wonderbraz to Wonderland ...

Multi-Ethnic, Musical Cocktails