Djazia Satour (Algeria/France)

Djazia Satour (Algeria/France)

Line up

  • Benoit Richou  (guitar & backing vocals)
  • Djazia Satour (vocals)
  • Rabah Hamrene (bendir, derbouka, violon, oud & mandole)
  • Rémi D'Aversa (drums, keyboard & backing vocals)


Djazia Satour's individual brand of funk, folk and pop-infused grooves is suffused with influences from her Algerian upbringing. Mixing 1950's Chaabi with the tribal rhythms of bendirs, juxtaposing modal melodies from a banjo or a mandole with deep bass and energetic analogue keyboards, hers is a cosmopolitan creation that bridges nostalgia and now. Djazia Satour moved to the French city of Grenoble in 1990 and at the age of fifteen she joined the Gnawa Diffusion ensemble as a singer before raising her profile as the voice of electro-trip-hop combo MIG. She struck out on her own in 2010 taking a more acoustic direction on her debut EP, Klami, a sound she expanded upon in her following two full-length albums, turning her attention lyrically to themes of dispossession and exile on the 2018 release, Aswât.

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