Maya Kamaty

Line up

  • Dylan Marvillier  (drums)
  • Maya Pounia  (vocals, percussion)
  • Moana Apo  (machines, electronics)
  • Stéphane Lépinay  (guitar)


Maya Kamaty is one of the new generation expanding the horizons of La Réunion's traditional song form, Maloya. Born out of the oppression of enslaved African and Malagasy peoples brought to work the island’s sugar plantations, it became a defiant symbol of identity and was thus banned by the authorities until 1981. Maya Kamaty's father, Gilbert Pounia, was one of the spearhead artists in the music's liberation with his band Ziskakan, into whose ranks Maya was enlisted at an early age as a backing singer. Putting music aside as a teenager, she rediscovered the importance of her Creole roots while a student in France, returning to the island to form her own band and write the songs for her impressive debut album, Santié Papang, successfully combining Maloya rhythms with acoustic instruments and global electronic influences.

Creole Electropop


Maya Kamaty