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  • country:Ukraine
  • style(s):Balkan, World Pop
  • label:Luiku
  • type:Band
  • gender:male, female
  • instrumentation:vocal, a cappella, electronic, percussion, brass, rock band
  • artist posted by:Tomato Production

Line up

  • Alina Savchuk (voices)
  • Dmytro Khoroshun (electronic percussion, bass drum)
  • Dmytro Reshetnik (accordion, dj-ing, background vocals)
  • Dmytro Tsyperdyuk (vocals, guitar, saz, cumbus, darbuka, ben)
  • Max Boiko  (trombone)
  • Roman Dubonos (trumpet)
  • Vita Kostyna (voices)


Luiku is a thrilling World Beats band from Kiev, Ukraine. Their passionate music is inspired by Balkan, Mediterranean and Ukrainian traditions, performed by electronic and live percussions, a powerful brass section as well as female voices, accordion and more. The leading philosopher and composer of the group is the well-known Ukrainian musician and producer Dmytro Tsyperdyuk. Luiku initially started as a soundtrack project for a documentary, and subsequently grew into a full concert programme. The name of the project ‘Luiku’ is a fusion of the character ‘Loiku Zabara’ from the famous movie ‘The Gypsy camp disappears in the skies’ and the Western Ukrainian word for uncle, ‘vuiko’. The use of numerous and varied ethnic motifs in Luiku’s music is the result of Dmytro’s long lasting deep passion for world music. During his long travels to the Trans Carpathian regions he absorbed and gathered exclusive local musical material, and learned how to play the authentic instruments. As a result, Luiku’s music is a multicoloured mixture of several ethnic music of the Trans Carpathian region: Ukrainian, Roma, Turkish, Polish, Hungarian, Romanian and several Balkan cultures. These vibrant tunes definitely make you move your body - and dance all your troubles away!