Line up

  • Hocine BOUKELLA  (Lead Vocal, Guitars)
  • Abdenour Djamaï (Guitars, choir)
  • Damien FLEAU  (Saxophone)
  • Jean Rollet-Gérard (Bass)
  • Maxime FLEAU (Drums)
  • country:
  • region:
    North Africa
  • style(s):
    • Berber
    • Celtic
  • label:
    CSB Productions
  • type:
    Band, Composer/Songwriter, Quintet
  • gender:
  • instrumentation:
    instrumental, vocal, woodwind, guitar
  • artist submitted by:

Sidi Bemol, has a rich discography already ( 9 albums !). A first opus was released in 1998, conceived like a radio from the seventies broadcasting different musical genres (rock, blues, traditional...). He then recorded a live at the Bledstock (Algiers) in 2000. The year after, with Thalweg, he takes a Berbero-Celtic detour. Then he releases El Bandi, very successful in Algeria since 2003.
After having played on many international scenes, Sidi Bemol come back in 2007 with 10 new terribly rock songs in the album Gourbi Rock. Drawing on its success, the artist continues his musical exploration with Chants de Marins Kabyles in 2008, surprising by its originality, its simplicity, the a capella songs reveal a warm Kabyle bluesman voice.
2008 is a significant turn in Sidi Bemol's career. He plays two full house concerts in a 5.000 seats theater in Algiers. He then hits the headlines of Algerian newspapers. The same year, Lyes Salem, director of Mascarades (December 2008, UGC-Canal+ production), chooses the song Ma Kayen Walou Kima l'Amour to conclude his movie. Last but not least, the documentary Bled-Musique a l'Usine, directed by Samia Chala and Sid Ahmed Semiane, broadcasted every week on Beur TV, is centered on this outstanding artist.
Sidi Bemol it's also a record label, CSB Productions, that allows him to produce his own albums but also those of Azenzar, a Kabyle singer, Zerda, an Algerian rock band. This label also made Sortie d'Usine, a compilation album bringing together 20 songs from the musicians of Louzine, a Franco-Maghrebin artist collective in which groups like Orchestre National de Barbes or Gaada Diwane de Bechar have developped.
In a permanent search for independence, he also created the online retailer Undergroone.

He released 2 albums between December 2013 and February 2014 : The 2nd volume of "Chants de Marins Kabyles" and a new Berbero-gypsy project "Afya.
A new album is to come in 2017
This gur never stops !




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Win a win







Title of the 9th album "Afya"


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gourbi rock

berber celtic groove

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