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Alessandro D'Alessandro
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  • Alessandro D'Alessandro (prepared accordion, loops, efx)


ALESSANDRO D’ALESSANDRO SOLO - Songs for prepared accordion & electronics

Explorer and experimenter of sounds, he is deemed a pioneer in the use of electronics applied to the accordion.
Always interested in a wide variety of musical forms, he is considered one of the most talented Italian accordion players, particularly appreciated for the technique and versatility with which he has led an instrument of folk tradition to dialogue with other styles, rhythms and harmonies, amply expanding its expressive capabilities and sound. He has created an original percussion system for the accordion, which combined with the continuous modulation of sounds, through the use of effects, loops and various objects applied directly to the instrument, he has named 'prepared accordion,' exploiting a term generally in use in contemporary music.
Alessandro D'Alessandro has assembled his accordion with "light electronics" built with multiform digital processes, which allows extreme versatility and freedom, enabling the "accordion player" to practice any music, with anyone. This is the direction of his most recent search of singer-songwriter songs, which also marks his debut as a soloist, with the transposition of some national and international classic songs into the language of the accordion that, in his hands, seems to gain 'the breath of an orchestra.' The intimate sound of his bellows instrument is supported by a very personal use of electronics, effects and real-time loops. (Maurizio Agamennone, Ethnomusicologist, Professor at University of Florence).
With the album Canzoni per organetto preparato & elettronica (Squilibri) released in June 2021 Alessandro D'Alessandro challenge himself with some of very-wellknown songs and plays them in his own way.
In the experience of accordion players, playing singer-songwriters songs is still a pioneering practice, as the accordion does not yet have its own established literature. Therefore, including certain songs to the accordion repertoire is innovative work, and the songs become hunting land, with surprising results ! (M. Agamemnone)
The album, D’Alessandro first solo record, features important guests especially from the Italian pop music scene, and also from jazz and world music. These include Elio, Joan Manuel Serrat, Sergio Cammariere, Musica Nuda (Petra Magoni and Ferruccio Spinetti), David Riondino, Neri Marcorè, Sonia Bergamasco, Daniele Sepe and others.
The record was elected best record of Italian world music for 2021 (Loano Prize). The single 'Tiritera delle canzoni che volano' written jointly with Riondino, enters the five-list as best song in the Targhe Tenco 2022, one of the most important song awards in the world.