Four On Six
Four on Six photo by Andrea Reali
photo by Giorgio Gori

Line up

  • Alessandro Centolanza  (Manouche guitar)
  • Arturo Garra  (clarinet)
  • Fausto Savatteri  (Manouche guitar)
  • Martino Pellegrini  (violin)
  • Matteo Prina  (doublebass)


The craziest Jazz Manouche band from Italy

From Sicily to Milan, through inputs ranging from swing to melodic jazz, from nu jazz to popular music (even with digression into classical music), the band brings its very original contribution to the galaxy of manouche genre. The project was born in 2011 in Milan.
Four On Six today represents one of the most active jazz manouche reality in Italy with hundreds of concerts - many of them abroad (France, Belgium, Spain, Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden, South Korea, Japan and Taiwan) for important international festivals and concert series.