João Silva - Alessandro D'Alessandro duo

João Silva - Alessandro D'Alessandro duo
Joao Silva / Alessandro D'Alessandro duo

Line up

  • ALESSANDRO D’ALESSANDRO  (prepared accordion (italian organetto), loops, efx)
  • JOÃO SILVA  (violin)


Alessandro D'Alessandro, hailing from Italy, and João Silva, from Portugal, have joined forces to create a unique musical experience. Together, they have recorded a captivating EP featuring five original tracks, titled "Adriatic Session.", a result of a one-day encounter in a studio in Salento. This musical collaboration transcends cultures and genres, offering an authentic journey through world music.
The story of this inspiring duo began with serendipitous encounters at world music festivals and competitions in Italy. These meetings not only culminated in a musical partnership but also garnered significant recognition and awards for both artists. In 2021, Alessandro D'Alessandro was honored with the prestigious Loano Award for Best Italian World Music Album, while João Silva received the coveted Andrea Parodi Award in the same year, which included accolades for Best Song, Best Performance, the Bianca d'Aponte Award, and the Ragazzi Award.
What makes this project truly special is Alessandro and João's passionate commitment to creativity and innovation. Despite their deep roots in classical musical traditions, they have forged a new sonic path by exploring the fusion of two such traditional instruments as the accordion and the violin. Furthermore, the incorporation of electronic elements allows them to create original soundscapes and sonic environments, in which effects and loops are generated in real time, transporting us to a "new world music."
Through this unique blend of sounds, cultures, tones, and styles, Alessandro D'Alessandro and João Silva have given life to original compositions that narrate the exciting creative journey they have embarked upon. "Adriatic Session" is more than just an EP; it stands as a testament to music's ability to connect people and transcend boundaries.