In 2003 Pascale Rubens and Toon Van Mierlo formed Naragonia. There's no compromise to the music they make, which goes straight to your heart; free from all conventions. Their particular sensitivity towards strong melodies allows the duo to create their own unique sound – acknowledged by the phrase “The Sound Of Naragonia”.
The continual innovative quirkiness of their music is infectious and soon Naragonia was to become one of the most loved and wanted folk bands in Europe. They play at just about every big festival and are regular guests on the national Belgian radio (Klara, Radio 1, La première) as well as performing on national television (RTBF).

With this eighth record they do what they are good at. Silentski flows straight from their living room into the world. Small pieces of music with great sensitivity and impact marks again the lines of this CD. No big show, but pure beauty.