Daara J Family

Daara J Family


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  • country:Senegal
  • region:Dakar
  • style(s):Hip Hop, World
  • label:Wrasse Records
  • type:Band
  • gender:male
  • instrumentation:instrumental, vocal
  • artist posted by:Traffix Music

Line up

  • Faada Freddy,  (singer)
  • Laurent Pena-vieira (drummer)
  • N'Dongo D (singer)
  • Thierry Negro (Bass Payer)

In 1992 Faada Freddy and N'Dongo decided to work together so they began by rapping in their wolof dialect, then opened up to all the musical influences that helped them shape who they are today and created Darra J.
In 2007 , the two founding members realized a new project who took the name of Daara J Family, fortified by a new creative spirit.
Following several collaborations (including playing at Damon Albarn's Africa Express Project in London and Lagos), Faada Freddy and N'Dongo to work on a new album. This album is at last complete, and after listening to it, you realize the full extent of the knowledge this duo have and their incredible ability to unite New York,Dakar,Paris,and Kingston on a mesmerising musical journey wich could only belong to them.