Vassvikofficial WOMEX 16 showcase

Line up

  • Audun Strype (sound design)
  • Kari Rønnekleiv (Violin, vocals)
  • Kristin Alsos Strand (cello)
  • Torgeir Vassvik (vocal, guitar, framedrum)


Fresh Arctic Sound Experience: Joik & Modern Strings

Circumpolar soundpoet Torgeir Vassvik and his band V A S S V I K conquer the world this
summer! From Roskilde to Rainforest Festival in Malaysia, from Bergen International Festival to

„Sound of the North“ in Gdansk and „Vaka“ on Iceland!

„... great energy ...“

The Nordic soundscape artist Torgeir Vassvik grooves to the archaic trancelike joik of his people,
the Coastal Sami. He takes a unique and contemporary approach by combining Sami joik and frame
drum with an innovative string trio in his group V A S S V I K.

„... sound magician ...“

Oslo based vocalist, musician and composer Torgeir Vassvik updates animistic vocal tradition and
percussion rituals for the 21st century, undertaking cool sound experiments.

„... facets full of beauty …“

Torgeir Vassvik stems from Gamvik in high north Norway. Joik has inspired the Sami musician
since childhood. But he also grew up with the mandolin music of his father. Next step was playing
in several Indie Rock groups. Very early he was interested in throat singing from Tuva, Siberia.

„... highly inspiring ...“

As a great live performer, Torgeir Vassvik today allies with congenial colleagues. Together they
open their hearts for different genres - Classical and New Music included.

„... the most innovative Sami musician these days ...“

V A S S V I K performs worldwide – and is now heading for Womex 2016! Critics say:

„... a new name for the big stages of the world ...“

Circumpolar soundpoet Torgeir Vassvik was born in Gamvik, an old Sámi fishing village on the northernmost tip of Norway, where the animistic joiking traditions of the coastal Sámi people draw their strength and profundity from the extreme climate and remoteness of the landscape. The Oslo-based invoker of spectral soundscapes is an intense, individual performer, whose innovative experiments with the animistic vocal tradition have been entrancing audiences across Europe, Russia, Borneo and Japan.

His guttural chanting, by turns accompanied by his frame-drum or his battered acoustic guitar, is spurred on to deeper communications with the nature of things by a string trio of cello, violin and Icelandic fiddle whose sonorous keening, scraping and soaring, spiral up onto an ethereal plane of stark beauty. Commune with Vassvik and reconnect with your deep inner.




Photo Tuula Sharma Vassvik


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Water Song / Siigát


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