Anatoli: Angélique Ionatos & Katerina Fotinaki

Anatoli: Angélique Ionatos & Katerina Fotinaki

Their homeland is Greece, but what gathers them, " is especially, says Angelique Ionatos, the wild love for our mother tongue and its poets, as well as our passion for our guitars. ".

They both speak the same language, the one of music that we can all understand. Pursuing their road of artistic complicity, after their show "Comme un jardin la nuit", Angelique Ionatos and Katerina Fotinaki propose "Anatoli" which in Greek means at the same time "the Orient" and "the Sunrise".

The enjoyment to play together, in every meanings, our greater complicity - while making us more requiring offer us a new freedom: to travel beyond Greece, which is the door to the Orient, to recognize this homeland as " a fresco with successive layers", and to assert that music ignores borders.

Personal compositions, traditional and contemporary musics recreated for their voices and their guitars are a case to the texts and poets who for a long time inspire them.

Their voices rise, spread, one grave and warm, that of Angelique Ionatos, the other one crystalline and enlighted, that of Katerina Fotinaki. Fingers run on ropes and their guitars have never seen that same virtuosity.

Collusive laughter, happiness to play, everything confers to a magic evening. In the heat of the starry night, the sun gets up on the stage and in the audience, in a whirlwind of colors and rhythms.