No me Olvides
Before a show
  • country:Belgium
  • style(s):Latin, Rock
  • label:Via Lactea
  • type:Band, Big Band
  • gender:male, female
  • instrumentation:instrumental, vocal, percussion, rock band, piano, guitar
  • artist posted by:Via Lactea

Line up

  • Amparo Sanchez (Guitar and Vocals)
  • Angela Fernandez (Keyboards and backing vocals)
  • Carmen Nino (Bass Guitar and backing vocals)
  • Florencia Inza (Percussion and backing vocals)
  • Jose Alberto (Trumpet )
  • Jose Martinez (Drums)
  • Jose Sanchez (Guitar and backing vocals)
  • Vesselin Koutchev (Violin)


In 2019 Amparanoia will hit the road again to present her typical ‘female mestizo’ sound
to a huge audience everywhere in the world. After the release of their album ‘El Coro de
mi Gente’ in 2018, the band released their single ‘No Me Olvides in Fall 2018’, and that
song will also be the title of the forthcoming tour that will bring to band not only to a
bunch of European festivals but also to Latin-America and the States.

It was with the album ‘El Coro de Mi Gente’ that the Spanish singer Amparo Sánchez decided to re-
launch her ‘ultimate mestizo’ project Amparanoia. After having chosen to put the band on hold in 2008

to go explicitly for her own, more intimate, solo career, the album was a major ‘comeback’ in the
Spanish alternative music. Amparanoia still stands for an authentic southern mestizo sound with the
characteristic and unrivaled voice and appearance of Amparo. This album was a fairly unique
reinterpretation of ‘El Poder de Machín’, the record she released exactly 20 years ago, and was a
landmark in the rather tied up Spanish music scene of the 90’s.
In 2018 the band toured Europe intensively and managed pretty quickly to be a crucial part again of
the world music scene. The band played some important festivals in Germany, France, UK, Belgium,
Finland,... such as WOMAD, Tempo Latino, Pole Pole, Bout du Monde,... In 2019 things won’t change
that much. Again, Amparanoia will hit the road with their engaging musical mix. Next to the typical
presence of the charming leading lady of Spain’s underground scene Amparo Sánchez, you could find
the Cuban trumpet player Jose Alberto Varona who used to play with Amparo since the very beginning
of her career. Varona is nothing more and nothing less that a ‘Cuban legend’, his father Jorge Varona
created together with Chucho Valdes the legendary Cuban latinjazz band Irakere. Apart from Varona,
there is also the Aragonese-Catalan guitarplayer Willy Fuego. He was one of the founders of La Kinky
Beat and is also Amparo’s sidekick within her solo-project Amparo Sánchez and one of the leading
musicians of the new project ‘Rumbaristas’. On bass there is Carmen Niño, Cuban as well, and to be
considered as the musical director of the band. Niño used to play with Amparanoia since 2003 and
was also one of the members of Jarabe de Palo, Pau Dones’ musical project. Angie López is playing
keyboards and piano and the Bulgarian violin player Vesselin Kountchev brings in some very
fascinating elements of the Central-European musical scene. On drums there is the Spanish drummer
Micky Martinez and on percussion the Argentinian percussionist Flor Inza.