"Nordisk Sjel (Nordic Soul)" - Kerstin Blodig

Kerstin Blodig
Kerstin Blodig: Nordisk Sjel


The new album by singer/guitarist Kerstin Blodig is a collection of favourite songs from favourite live projects and their formerly released CDs: Kerstin solo, Kelpie and Talking Water, as well as newly recorded favourites and tracks from a new studio project with Scottish songwriter/ producer Bob Melrose.
Opulently modern, minimalisticly folky, bizarre and beautiful, passionate and pure, melancholy and dreamy, soulful and sad, tongue-in-cheek and humorous - she takes us on a musical journey from Norway across the North Sea to Scotland and back home again to the land of the trolls, elf kings and wood nymphs, of breathtaking landscapes and mysterious myths.

People and projects involved:

Kerstin Blodig: vocals, guitar, bodhrán, bouzouki, mandolin
Kelpie (Kerstins duo project with Scottish fingerstyle virtuoso Ian Melrose on acoustic and electric guitar, vocals, low whistles und seljefløyte),
Talking Water (Kerstin with Ian Melrose and the exquisite multi-instrumentalists Urs Fuchs on bass, piano and percussion and Wolfram Cramer von Clausbruch on accordion, keyboards und percussion)
Bob Melrose on vocals, guitar, bass und keyboards
and other guest musicians

Nordisk Sjel has been recorded, mixed and mastered in superb audio quality by expert sound engineer Jörg Surrey. An audiophile feast!